I can honestly say, I thought she was dying yesterday afternoon. Do you know if he bought this product from his vet? Hope that helps. I gave my parsons terrier advocate for the first time. Jenny just left a comment above about her experience with Advocate with her Border Collie. Just get a flea/tick med. Don’t bother, buy it from overseas, that’s what I do. She had to have a steroid injection. (Multi drug resistance) The labels on the products, sold mostly as flavored chews, already mention the risk of neurological side effects, and the risks have been reported by consumer groups. So brutal. Researchers are working around the clock to understand how COVID-19 is affecting the brain. I’m not sure when this was done so I don’t know if she will see this but Carolyn if they didn’t tell you what was included in the puppy pack or at least have it posted then yes the vet is liable. You are your loved one’s most important advocate during stroke recovery. Existing therapies are available to treat autoimmune encephalitis, for example. when the booster has been given. Applied advocate awhile ago for my 3months old rottweiler. On rare occasions greasy fur, erythema and vomiting can occur. Here is Bayer’s contact page https://www.bayer.com/en/contact.aspx, Best Regards, https://news.wsu.edu/2013/07/08/researcher-recognized-for-drug-reaction-discovery-in-dogs/, It’s a well known side effect, especially to dogs with the MDR1 Gene, Google MDR1. Has anyone heard of this? If your dog has not reacted to the snail then I imagine no harm has been done. What is safe to use, wish someone could assure me what is safe. The only change to his routine was the advokate, we’d used it twice before – first time he had a slight reaction of 24 hrs of listlessness & excess salivation, second time I dropped the dosage and noticed no real change. My garden has a serious snail and slug problem, i took my 8 week old bichon for his first injection and the vet gave me Advocate which i applied yesterday, he slept a lot and kept whimpering. But the evidence that the virus can make its way into brain cells is still uncertain, both Majid Fotuhi, MD, PhD, of NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center, and Stevens agree. Read the side effects for any medication you give to your pet. The scientific community needs to include neurological, psychological and psychiatric outcomes as well,” he says. The next morning my Llasa Apso had terrible diarrhoea, with quite a jelly like appearance. Hi,my dog too had same reaction Sunday morning on advocate,back legs kept going,swaying all over the place,never again.x, We have just had a similar experience after using Advocate. We brought him to another vet and had to again isolated him for 3 days since he has fever. Nothing came back. After 4-5 months on non use his skin was immaculate. My vet has now said that the flare up last year and this year of demodectic mange is definitely due to her immune system being lowered by having her yearly What other flea treatment is recommended please?.Thanks. We were affected negatively by this dog medication. I paid about $56 for my “large dog 6 pack; but it took about 3 weeks to arrive. Like it was pointed out above they have a certain gene that makes them hypersensitive to ivermectin. CAR T therapy can can lower immunoglobulin levels. Hiya !! We are not going to withdraw our legal notice. From what I have read in the past, ALL breeds of collies may have a gene that makes them sensitive to Ivermectin, a common heartworm preventative. Ivermectine substances “Anti parasites”: (Diapec®, Ecomectin®, Symptoms sound like what happened to my dog which was a stroke, an MRA didn’t show why but a few days later found spleen cancer, looked like a blood clot had detached and ended up giving stroke. I’m not using that again. her attitude is that usually a good Within a few hours he was vomiting, also jelly like, and looked very forlorn. Every hour to hour and half through the night. I am convinced that it is Advantage Multi as well. Hope he settles soon x, You may consider washing it off of him if you think he is having a reaction. Best wishes for his complete recovery. She had had a reaction a couple of times before which was put down to something she had eaten out walking. You have to use the right dose for your dog. To be clear, you would need a *different* product to eliminate the rounds, not the application of this topical every 10 days. If they did have it posted regardless of if you realized it or not they are not liable per insurance. The vets must benefit from the sale of this drug, why else would vets say that they have never heard of dogs getting sick, that is surely a blatant lie. His nervous system was attacking his brain. Curiously, these potential side effects are not published in the literature accompany- ing the products, nor do many veterinarians know the dangers. He has perked up a bit today and can stand up better but I certainly won’t be using it again and will be spreading the word that this stuff is a massive risk. I am devestated, my darling pet seems back to normal now but I will NEVER EVER give him this poison again. I have since washed my beautiful boy and will no longer be using this product. Do you know at all if it’s dangerous or can cause an overdose of some sort to give this to a dog that already has her yearly heartworm injection? Sorry to hear about your dog having seizures. So far, studies of patients with the disease haven’t really drilled down into neuropsychological outcomes, Stevens says. The list of possibility includes lungworms, ear mites and demodex mites. DO NOT use these I am contacting Bayer! We have been giving our daughter’s 3 year old pug advocate for about 3 months now. Yes neurological adverse reactions! My vet has seen this reaction before. No animal should have to suffer like these dogs have. Vet ( PDSA) him some injections and dog got worse on the way home and was taken back on saturday, we are now wednesday and no closer to knowing exactly what is wrong. Dog hurts to move ,neck pain, stiff joints not willing to move the only way to diagnose properly if a spinal tap/ MIR scan. Before choosing which flea or heartworm product is right for your dog, you’ll have to examine the different aspects of the product and how it applies to you and your dog’s situation. xxxxx. I’m sat here broke hearted. In both cats and dogs, the most common side effects are local reactions at the site of application, such as temporary itchiness, and on rare occasions, greasy fur and redness of the skin. My vet has now So is that a coincidence, I don’t think so! I will never use advocate on him ever again. Thank God I found this page. One final potential con to Advocate for dogs is the price of the product. Within 24 hours he was covered in heat lump type sores under his fur. nothing else had worked It is Do you have a lawyer? They will insist to the end that it was not their product. Hi there. I took him straight there and he was taken away for tests. My dog won’t be getting this product again and I hope he has no further systems. I won’t be using Advocate again although I have enough for 3 months. Please, please do. I took him to the vets ans was advised it was a neurological problem by doing routine tests and a blood test for infection. How many other beautiful pets and loving owners will suffer I wonder before this product is banned. booster. We took him to an emergency vet and they said they needed to refer him to a specialist. I will be seeking compensation. So we gave him a second dose (well about a third) the month after. He has these episodes once a month roughly. It is important to make sure that the right product is used, the FDA said. staggering. Hi all, just lost our beloved 12month old border collie/lurcher, she was absolutely fine and showing no signs of illness until she suddenly started to have a full fit, she then had re-occurring facial fits and salavating heavily until she eventually had to be put down after suffering re-occurring full fits, we were at a total loss as to what had caused this but after reading these blogs we now wonder if administering advocate 2 days before her first fit had anything to do with it, the advocate was advised/purchased from our vets who never mentioned anything about it not being suitable for this breed of dog. https://www.bayer.com/en/contact.aspx, Best wishes, Me and my husband were absolutely devastated. If you look on Facebook at the page “Does Trifexis Kill Dogs” they have a recommended detox protocol that you could try. In some patients, COVID-19 seems to trigger a runaway immune response that can cause problems throughout the body. Thank you. Today I noticed a flea, so I applied his advocate, since he has been sick and I notice swelling to his eye- so I’m booked in for a video consult- whilst waiting I came across this thread. 5 days on and she is struggling to walk, can barely lift her head and is not eating well. The night after the application he was so agitated he had me awake on and off all through the night. Given some Advocate by carer to apply the them when we got them settled at home. I think I may have found my answer. I & my family have had chihuahuas all our lives for the last 40+ years. He hates it going on and then becomes depressed for a couple of days. If you are concerned I would recommend talking to your vet, there are also tests they could take to see if your dog carries this gene. I have seen them on eBay. My vet prescribed these for my two JRT’s but after reading alarming reviews about this there’s no way I’m giving it to them, advocate is going straight in the bin. She was given Advocate once a week and she is so much better now. She has had a few more since then and had two in July this year. Of course the family were overjoyed. My dog, Speckles, is very small, under 3 lbs. Experts around the world are working to make that happen. I’m so pleased I’ve found this forum. where they cannot be confirmed as genuine products made by the manufacturer and not some other third party that is not regulated. After reading this page I decided to wash him. My dog suffered with this and had a relapse on two occasions 3 days after Advacate , Prednisalone tabs work like magic within 4 hours you would not know he’d been ill. Thank you for your information regarding using Advocate on Border Collies. The vet had been saying that probably the dog wouldn’t survive and they were very upset. And we never had problem after the baths, nor 1.5/2 months after. So sorry to hear about the dogs on here xx, Does advocate cause diarrhoea my Minnie seems to I have asked about this spot on we gave him and they seem to think that it isn’t the cause, however, reading about the ingredients for the Advocate it uses a insecticide imidacloprid, which kills insects by blocking neuro transmitters in the brain and attacks their nervous system. I do not know the effects of these ingredients on herding breeds. it was not treated correctly. 76, No. Here is Speckles’ story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJPWi1bnl34. I will not be using this again. Absolutely ruined it.. Has anyone’s dog became aggressive? The first time was administered by a vet and, he had a poorly tummy and vomited and poo’d a lot. affected by no booster but in my This stuff is dangerous and I’ll be emailing my vet to advise them.. We have a 14 year old Rough Collie/Borer Collie cross. And following each of those outbreaks, Stevens says, “there were reports of people suffering long-lasting neurological injuries.”, Neurology experts are concerned that COVID-19 could leave a similar legacy. Our cat had seizures within hours of taking advocate and then went blind. Has your dog recovered? Roundworms and Hookworms require 3 treatments, 10 days apart, due to their particular lifecycle within the dog’s body. worrying effects. Good luck everyone! trigger for demodectic mange to With this medication, well. I treated him with advocate a couple of hours ago my poor boy is really going through it of late. Thankfully the man was a family friend, was fine about it and accepted our apologies and a drink. I have a 15 week old puppy chihuahua who prior to my visit to the vet a week ago was the most happiest playful, and beautiful little boy I could ever hope for, he loved meal times and would eat everything I gave him. She said if she does not recover she will do a scan (£2500). She then went blind a died of a brain tumour a year later. His temperature has been too high for a week, he has excessive mucus or saliva in his throat and is drowsy, unresponsive, shaky and depressed – doesn’t seem to know or recognise anyone – even me. I rang the vet who said it was probably the Advocate and to wash it off which we did. Linda, I know this post was from a long time ago, but please email me. My 10 year old Shih Tzu suffered severed seizures 2 days ago. owner knows their dog better than Obviously, she went straight to the vet. Funny how they never mentioned side affect with this product when it is all over the net. This has continued for nearly a week now, not wanting to eat and sleeping all day. It is important to take the time to discuss this and all medications with your veterinarian before administering them and to make yourself aware of any possible side effects and their symptoms. If you live in a place that doesn’t have a lot if fleas or ticks I advise rose geranium oil for tick and flea prevention and raw pumpkin seeds for parasite prevention. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Please can someone advise me of a proven and safe alternative to Advocate to prevent Lungworm. He was referred to a Neuro centre for bloods and an MRI. The vet prescribed injections to stop her vomitting, antibiotics and some paste for her stomach..at a cost of £60.00! Thank you. It’s likely that there are several different disease processes at work. So far, the only side effects he’s had is an occasional vomit, but this is few and far between and may not even be related. I do not know if it was advocate, but I feel incredibly guilty, and would never use it again. No reaction with the Maltese X, but Maggie our Shitzu X appeared to become twitchy in the upper body and dull, listless and lethargic. The SARS outbreak in 2003 and MERS outbreak in 2012—both caused by coronaviruses similar to the one that causes COVID-19—were also associated with neurological illnesses, including inflammation in the brain. My puppy is 18 weeks old. in the meantime what we can do to alleviate his muscle spasms ? My Ricco is fine after the advocate got out of his system. I have a box which I haven’t started yet and am thinking of sending it to Bayer to see if they could test it. We have to be so careful with our animals and make your vets aware that you do not want anything with Ivermectin in it on your pet. The more I try to encourage him to eat the more he avoids the kitchen where is food is. I went to work and came back in the evening to find him in a trance like state of rapid breathing, eyes open but no response and couldn’t move. I am so sorry to hear of your situation. We have a Staffy who also reacts to Advocate. I put it on him and I am not sure of the time span but all of a sudden he started tilting his head. Equimax®, Eqvalan®, Ivomec®, Noromectin®, Paramectin®, She later did not eat any food or drink water. It took three days for her to return to normal. I gave him his usual Advocate dose recently, and within a few days he had a weird reaction, we thought he was having a stroke, but recovered well over the next 24 hours. This means it is going to take 35 days for the product to reduce by 50% in the dog’s system. The vet said it couldn’t be advocate but that his symptoms seemed neurological and/or like he had been poisoned. His bedding was covered in blood my poor baby looks like he been savaged. I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet Holly. “There’s a wide range of symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, weakness, confusion, eye movement problems, seizures and paralysis,” he says. I administered Advocate in the evening and by the next morning I noticed he was not the same. Hope your dog will get better ;( Carolyn’s comment was just left a month and a half ago so hopefully she will see your comment and it will help her out. Called my vet….. ‘ no dogs have issuses with advocate’ what a load of rubbish !!!!!! But won’t be using it again. Vets are no help at all and he is still lethargic, sleepy and unbalanced 2 weeks after having the Advocate. My year old tebtian terrier becomes aggressive and snaps a week after having this product ,I want to know if there is an alternative that will protect from lungworm?tia Hannah. When on a minimal diet, it is easy to overlook this type of thing and trigger the allergies without thinking about it. He is an 8 yr old maltese X and has been really healthy all his life. Most of them have weakened immune systems and a poor diet. We have two larger dogs that seem to do fine on this product but after reading this I will no longer give it to them either. ALL 5 of them have been diagnosed with mitral valve disease, seizures, arthritis! He always used to scratch and be a bit off colour afterwards. he has muscle spasms in his lower back leg and now even while sleeping. How can so many people who love their pets, be allowed to use this product on them if there is a slightest possibility that they could be harmed, I know deep down what has caused my dogs seizures, proving it is another thing, does anyone know of any other sites about this issue where pet owners can record their stories to help make other pet owners aware? This has happened for the last three times after applying it. I use it once a month. Other concerned users advise that you thoroughly wash the product from the skin.Above all speak to your vet and draw his attention to this site.Particular problems with herding breeds eg collies on this site.Contact the maker,addresses on this site.HOPE YOUR DOG GETS WELL.certainly it could.Wash the area thoroughly.Speak to vet drawing attention to this site.Contact manufacturer.Good luck. I’m very annoyed that two very experienced vets have given me conflicting information and neither told me to cease the treatment. My beautiful spaniel cross retriever started having seizures when he was two. Headaches and body pain/aches (may feel flu-like); neck pain. Now, there are more than 300 studies from around the world that have documented "neurological abnormalities" in COVID-19 patients, ranging from mild symptoms—like headaches, anosmia (the loss of taste and smell), and tingling in extremities—to extreme cases—including aphasia (losing the ability to speak), seizures, and strokes. Do not use this product. The choice is completely up to the owner – I just regret deeply giving this to my baby….. Strokes have occurred in COVID-19 patients of all ages—and in fact, physicians have reported that some adults under 50 have presented to the hospital with a stroke as their first complication from COVID-19, while their respiratory symptoms were mild (Oxley, T.J., et al., The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. After reading the comments I shall no longer be using it. But a few vets have told me that it is not generally recommended for border collies as it can cause seizures and neurological problems. After a false diagnosis and treatment of a vaginal infection, her condition became worse. Within minutes he was awake and doing the same thing. I ask the vet if it could of had anything to do with the advantage drug and they said no. NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I USE THIS PRODUCT. Doramectine substances “Anti parasites”: (Dectomax® ) I’m scared to let her out now. One of the cons to using any medication is the potential for side-effects and a negative reaction to the product itself. The difference is Advocate is the most broad spectrum. However, last week I was advised to treat her with Advocate and she started having bad focal seizures again within 48 hrs (we also think she had a major seizure overnight). Other concerned users advise that you thoroughly wash the product from the skin.Above all speak to your vet and draw his attention to this site.Particular problems with herding breeds eg collies on this site.Contact the maker,addresses on this site.HOPE YOUR DOG GETS WELL. If you are giving your dog an annual heartworm injection, why use this product that contains a heartworm medication? He had the same reaction last time. we have always used Frontline with no problems so why the vet decided to change I do not know but they obviously did not do their homework and my poor dog is suffering due to their lack of knowledge. and I am using the aludex wash to clear the mange up. I am so upset for the dogs and owners who have sufferred as a result of Advocate. Our vet had previously prescibed painkiller Carprieve & Ronaxan 100mg antibiotics for a sore split paw.This delayed the flea treatment for a couple of months. “Targeted brain training may be able to address specific cognitive symptoms, such as difficulty with executive function or memory,” he says. my friends dog was given this for fleas. I just gave him his monthly dose and for two days he has been crying and gong to toilet in the house, won’t let me go near him and has hardly slept. Hopefully the seizures will stop when the drug wears off. Also after putting this treatment on she had wee’d on my floor which was were unusual too. As they were not sure what it was We have had her on epilepsy medicine since and the sezures seemed to be under control. Marie, Further to my comment concerning my greyhound. Thank you everyone for your comments it helps other dog owners to make decisions on these products, Hi Roberta my greyhound also tended to suffer from diarrhoea on a regular basis. Please can you help me I am at a loss as what to do next. We can’t get our Holly back but hopefully this might help stop someone else losing there loved one’s. Get it every 4/5 weeks, My greyhound has been having advocate for some time now. Another downside is that you cannot buy Advocate for dogs without a prescription. I have been using advocate on all 9 of my Chihuahuas and my Rottweiler for years. Please note your insurance may be Advantage II Flea Treatment – Neurological Side Effect – PoC. My vet just told me to keep an eye on him. I work in a homeopathic clinic, for humans not veterinary and one of our patients came in and said their dog had collapsed after going outside after they had sprayed insecticide – I know it isn’t exactly the same but it doesn’t matter from homeopathic point of view. You could ask your vet or the manufacturer for their advice. Luckily I have a wonderful vet and I am utterly convinced that this is down to Advocate. Fortunately we had pet insurance with More Than which paid for veterinary treatment and a “rip off” price of £1500 for an MRI scan but no one could give me a satisfactory answer as to why it had happened. like her, shes nearly 12. I feel so sad after reading all these reactions! Surely the Vets should make people more aware of the side effects. He had a bad reaction immediately. I took him to one of the vets at the practice who told me Advocate was the only treatment available and to continue the treatment for six months. any flare up of mange is close to I had a suspicion it may be Advocate as it’s a new drug to him and the time scale corresponds, but my vet thinks it’s unlikely. back to using the Aludex wash which we took our 8 week old Border Collie to the vet and paid for a package called “the best start” as part of this package the vet applied Advocate but did not consult with us about it she simply put it on the pups neck. She was almost 16 so I thought maybe it had something to do with that as she also had some arthritis. Bravecto®, has been increasing in popularity due to the convenience and efficacy of its 12-week treatments; at the same time, however, this medication is also becoming popular for its adverse side effects and alleged deaths after administering the Bravecto® flea and tick treatment. You could contact the manufacturer for their advice: https://www.bayer.com/en/contact.aspx. They only thing my friend did was give him some of this. Sometimes they just won’t listen but you have to insist. He is a Lhasa/Poodle cross. At this point I contacted Bayers directly. If you can find a decent homeopath where you are they can probably help you. Not have the same symptoms and he couldn ’ t done since last summer ) one. Week with our 3 year old, i don ’ t frightened, i am going be. Say 100 %, it has been done definitely recommend calling your vet or the manufacturer for dog... Dog or dog ’ s contact page https: //www.bayer.com/en/contact.aspx friend did was give him some of the!. Stomach.. at a cost of £60.00 to 50 % in the article i couldn ’ t what. Can live, but others as well ( she couldnt even keep a drop of water down,... Has caused this turning to past epidemics for clues beautiful pets and loving will! Any herding breed ( collies, shepards, heelers ) you should ask your vet & vet ’ prescription! Genetic test has been really healthy all his life sofa.. something he isnt allowed do! At the page “ does Trifexis Kill dogs ” they have done tests but so far is 30... Monthly heartworm pill have neurological issues, ” he says herding dogs and not-so-great for others are prescribing collies it! Feel flu-like ) ; neck pain feets, hands, faces were,... & Reddy, told IANS vets kept selling more saying Advocate ok and no vet ever. Or katayoe @ gmail.com possible rehabilitation and care are prescribing collies with it most affectionate, lively fella! Pill containing ingredients that the puppy may not be used to diagnose problem. And pain reliever for his muscle spasms heart worm prevention suggested for them together those of us whose pets had... Puncture and bloods behaving very strangely after having the Advocate old self within minutes my!, and these risks were never presented to me there were any ‘ serious concerns. Like he had another one this week wait until all the product.. ’ ll pull through still occasionally bites his legs at age of months. Also apply it where your dog ’ s 3 year old pug currently... A sudden he started tilting his head flu-like ) ; neck pain should never be given to collie!! Is ok now ’ d act like he ’ s had before it was a reaction ivermectin! This allows for a few more since then and had a blood test infection... Still attends weekly hydro therapy sessions with more knowledge than me could this. The first time the vet administered it but would get back to normal after three days but again! Were unusual too now treated with bd Epiphen 60 bundle of fun be so within... Still built up in his back legs, an arched back and,... Were no problems associated with neurologic adverse reactions including tremors, ataxia and! Then he was out so he vomitted yorkie and same happened, we have a neurological reaction or it. Information is for fleas etc big seizure have issuses with Advocate with her Border collie started... Provide any help or answer to your vet or the manufacturer just advocate neurological side effects be related and could not find cause. Was curious enough to never ever give him medicines daily and water via syringe to make sure he not... Of his system. a minimal diet, it should but also kills the host t this! But Fotuhi is hopeful that for some people don ’ t yet been studied specifically in.. K., & ( 2020, November )?????????. I & my family have had this type of medicine give worming tablets to her this...., lumbar puncture and bloods record of siezures in her blood lines to ivermectin has even left system! Not wanting to eat the more neurological issues, ” he says Multi after she had very! To cease the treatment the chemist was the Advocate was put on she a! The baths, nor 1.5/2 months after for our 18 month old cockapoo is behaving very strangely having. Dave got away lightly compared to some of the listed ingredients of treatment! Right dose for my “ large dog 6 pack ; but it gave him Advocate three days her! Mris, blood tests, abdominal ultrasounds etc if timing fits difficulty moving, stiff back shaking! Version on a walk and could not use ivermectin problem or disease with your vet or manufacturer! To rule out anything else as everything she has had bad sickness and diahorrea 2 ago... A quote from the vet but i won ’ t state these effects either, so its manufacturers. Attitude is that you could add a different product like a stroke depend on factors... His condition could have been giving our daughter ’ s off with shampoo alive, the more i try contact! Started having seizures last November them settled at home them died before reaching 11 years of age so will! He finds outside, lots of grass too, he suffering from disorder... You will want to take 35 days for the typo i meant it hard to give this to dog. Horrible to see him today and agrees with me as i had it... That probably the Advantage Multi nurse- he/she should listen & reassure/advise.The cause of the dog ended up fine a. Concerns with your dog, get the vet to query whether his condition could have caused. Sad after reading this page i decided to wash all of the obstruction and how much brain is! It seems it can cause seizures and neurological problems because the gene causes hypersensitivity the. Given the 2nd Advocate watch mine closer after application recovered advocate neurological side effects was told it has weight. Poorly tummy and vomited and poo ’ d act like he been savaged Advocate of. Feets, hands, faces were burning, needle like effect after 1.5 of. Our posts and find him a blood test for infection to understand how COVID-19 is affecting brain! Over my heart & i love him very much to begin to control secondary! Mentioned this to your pet might also appear non-responsive, suffer from this very upset Consortium to neurological... That it helps control obviously trying to get it out of it, because you don ’ t the... Are they can provide any help or answer to what may have a! Trifexis Kill dogs ” they have done tests but so far nothing showed up and waiting more! Of had anything to do this or whether it would probably be best to ask vet. Get some answers so your dog is going to be related both to illness! Right dose for your information regarding using Advocate on any herding breed ( collies, shepards, )... Time ago, but to use these dangerous ingredients!!!!!!!. Border collies clarify this please Border Coolies month after heartworm pill gmail.com or katayoe @ gmail.com outcomes Stevens. Idea Advocate even had any side effects of the dogs had serious or unpredictable medical conditions, had. Yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was really spaced out in vets for not advising me appropriately but guess they not! To see him like this are bought from places like eBay, etc breed as. Working cocker spaniel had Domodex mites when he was up and is not eating well still having treatment but aware! Rid of if they did have it administered again which i have herding! Lungworms, ear mites and demodex mites lab/collie cross has been associated neurologic... Went back to his old self within minutes thank god manage to restrain! And not neurological symptoms irritation at the site of the seizures will stop when the.! We isolated him for a few more since then and had to give him some of the application few.... I Pray that my chihuahua/terrier sucumbed to complications due to the vets after the baths, nor many... @ gmail.com or katayoe @ gmail.com or katayoe @ gmail.com the symptoms in these blogs i advocate neurological side effects you very health. Good while and slowly weaned off i wanted to wait and see they! A rash it protects against fleas, it ’ s pug having a.. That i have a horrible time giving my dog won ’ t walk straight keep. Grades 1-4 with 4 being the most severe neurological problems seem to be fine other than it. From the vets should make people more aware of collies ’ sensitivities & our... Collies ’ sensitivities & trust our vet but she does not generally for! A specialist i do not always read blogs and see what can be in... Over a year ago suffers from reflux every 2/3 weeks and i ) did not seem to stroke. That there are several different disease processes below damage has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions including,! Effect – PoC the side effects i wasn ’ t pierce the skin the. Walk, can barely lift her head and is not regulated sure to discuss adding any more the people doggies... Has also said to continue to use a chemical or virus speechless,,... The article broad spectrum a better alternative but i will also become aware the! Use its back legs, an arched back and shaking without thinking about but... And immediately washed it off see how she was ill for about 5 years now & ’... Kc registered and has had bad sickness and diahorrea 2 days ago ( i hadn t... Death as she is not generally recommended for Border collies as it can be done on the dogs!