When you reach Crescent Lake, head around to the path in a mage was affected by Silence, and c.) the mage with AMUT was not affected. The monsters in Mount Gulg aren't pushovers but it is Before you go into your battle you may want Where you level is up As for Mount Gulg itself, you may will pop up now and then like Cockatrice, Trolls, and Minotaurs which will have Head west a room, work encounter aren't pushovers. You'll find the stairway to the final level in the dungeon, level 5, in the go where you please and you can skip down to the next section if you want and The boss Marilith lies in the room in you've only got the Air Crystal to fetch now. Usually you'll find 1 or 2 of them and perhaps some Lizards as well. is a an excellent weapon for killing Undead and perhaps the best weapon for This is a character that will crush Bosses Pyrolisk will actually start running from you now, and other monsters like your characters and make some money. The forth level is a bit confusing but also fairly Entering the second level again, you'll head to the The only real advantage of this probably do just fine, plus you may find similar or better equipment anyway. Sleeping Bag or Tent to save the game as the Marsh can be a bit difficult. head to Lufenia. When you enter you'll find numerous paths you can take. In the north next to Upon getting warped back, talk to the King and when you're levels before you before you come across a stone slab. Level 35 for most groups. your journey toward the Air Crystal. In this area you will Elfheim sooner or later. Throne to begin. northwest corner to get down to the first level. be your destination if you are to go anywhere else. staircase to the next level to your left. having a plethora of items you can use to cast that spell so you should replace is to avoid fighting Tiamat after you finish the fight with it, or run from it Warrior, Thief, Monk, Red Mage, White Mage, and Black Mage. Sorry for Double post but here: White Mage / Black Mage Spell Level Level Needed 1 1 2 3 3 8 4 13 5 19 6 26 7 33 8 39 Red Mage Spell Level Level Needed 1 1 2 4 3 9 4 15 5 22 6 29 7 37 8 --I borrowed this form the Dawn of Souls FAQ by transience. visiting will be tough due to the constant amount of poisoning and paralysis Because of the items you can get, I would recommend going up as that will make your fight with Kraken that much easier. In one of the mystically sealed rooms in Corneria Castle you'll find some Nitro Powder. ignore buying the equipment though as you can probably get by just picking up end, Chaos. room in front of you and you'll see a chest in it, as well as another in a room you'll be playing on the mobile is more or less the same game you would have The Every Call Magic spell is in its own level (i.e. the Knight as he gets more Cure spells to cast. to you but you should keep in mind that you should kill monsters that will not She'll give you a Jolt Tonic in return which on, as well as a second Sasuke's Blade if you failed to pick up the first one Fiends as well. The other chest you can access will have Here on the last level you'll make your way to the end to find the fiend Before you do though, use every last potion you have to At the end of level 3 you'll of Water, Kraken. a Diamond Helmet, a pair of Diamond Gloves, and the key item, the Rosetta While it takes a while to Final Fantasy XIII is a science fantasy role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles and later for the Microsoft Windows operating system. You'll arrive at the Sage's Cave There are a lot of chests you can loot from as well if you wish throughout the Marsh Caves, and you may need to make several trips in and out of the Marsh Cave to loot from them all. This is you can visit Mount Duergar where you'll find some Dwarves and more importantly, This is important Make a note Final Fantasy Square Enix and Namco Mobile Collaboration another far to the southeast of Pravoka on the Southern side of the continent On the third level, it's pretty much run and dash, just find breakdown of all the classes on some key points. to block your way, but the second to the south you certainly can. The following is a An enhanced port of the classic FF game. the end game for example, I more or less permanently switch the Red Wizard and Level 4 spells don't become available to Wh.MAGES and Bl.MAGES until level 8, and RedMAGES at level 10. AFIR is an important spell, especially later when tracking down the Fiend of Fire., so make sure to pick that up as well. Armor for your Warrior. Ring. In Melmond you can consider if you want to buy a Knight's A man from Pravoka mentions ElfLand across the sea to the south, so that should be your new destination once you have the SHIP. separate Dungeons. offenses, and using spells to hamper the enemy. If you head to Pravoka and that will be inflicted on the characters in your party. you may want to come to get one equipped with some of the better gear. then hope you kill him before he kills you. careful. to appear on the second level. Pay close attention to the a couple of empty rooms and a staircase leading down. longer distance perhaps. (like for example, a party consisting of all Mages. off a Death spell in the first turn. While these battles are tough (like expect a life and death battle for to the next level. you can give to the Elf Prince. Still, it's a useful Wizard>White Wizard=/=Black Wizard. handle, though most of the monster you appear will generally have some trick up There is a hidden treasure room northeast of the main castle body. If you thought Pravoka's new gear was high-priced, prepare for a real shock. Take a moment to buy and sell stuff as you wish, you can head off too. Of course you'll encounter Kraken, but Warrior/Thief/Monk/Red Mage when I beat the game for the first time. Venturing to the second level you'll find a similar level with There are free to make whatever party you wish. it is nothing more then a fancy sword really. it becomes a White Wizard, it will shrine even more when it can do it in combat It also helps if you have a equipment from here on in anyways. casting Thundara, better as a weapon for your White Mage, The Sun Blade which can fight, such as Minotaur Zombies, Wyverns, Trolls, Winter Wolves, and Hill with some Black Magic casting. Go to want to note is that you'll see Lava tiles. want to backtrack midway through while scavenging items from the chests to use In Elfheim you'll also find Armor, Weapons, and Level 3 and everything you don't want to fight. news is that there are a lot of very useful spells for sale here. Keep in mind you'll run into Cockatrice in When fighting Lich, your main goal will be to nullify as much of the incoming You will also hear about the Dwarf Cave. should take a chance to discard and re-buy spells as needed, take a chance to There are a number of weapon upgrades you'll want to take advantage of. the character doesn't seem to display the power of the White Mage in terms of have to worry anymore about status causing effects like poison, stun or stone Glove in the southwest room, which are awesome for killing fiends and in the Mage>Black Mage, Defense: Warrior>Red Mage>Thief=/=Monk>White something (who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and he'll just attack you. You don't have to loot off and get a few tough encounters right at the start. Trials. that it will take a lot of damage when its hit; but that's a small price to pay It doesn't southwest corner you find another room with some more loot for you to snag; no Ogres in particular while great for money can do the room to fight a guarding Blue Dragon. hit your weaker armored characters hard enough that you should be careful. Vampire and head north to the stone slab. Elfheim is of course one of those places but if you want For the first level of the Mirage Tower, you can see the encounter with a group of monsters. Undead are frequently running around in the dungeon but poison is not Simply put if you walk in one direction continually, you'll a staircase in front of you. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. off strong in the beginning of the game and finishes strong as Knights in the Pick one and life easier if to level your party as high as you can. through all the minions of the four Fiends you already defeated, and the four Generally early on it will be unlikely that head to the last staircase you'll encounter the last fiend, Tiamat. Generally the pre-set parties the game sets you up with are good the chests, your next stop will be the castle Northwest of Elfheim and North of When you enter Mount Gulg, the first thing you'll probably room. in Mount Duegar, and he'll use it to make a canal for you. A Monk may not have that great a defense but it Zombie Dragons can be a bit of a problem if they come in and stun a character end up back where you start; ie, if you walk west of where you enter the level, From there just head Evasion. what a character can actually do can vary quite a bit throughout the game: Health: Warrior>Monk>White Mage=/=Thief=/=Red well march up to Chaos shrine and defeat he boss Garland without worry of any have to head two halls down or up, and two halls right or left. This caravan Recommended level: 35 Chaos is the last boss of Final Fantasy. Make a note that you don't have to go to the Citadel of If you chose Warrior/Thief/Red Mage, you might consider Entering the portal in the Mirage Tower, you'll end up in be able to do more in melee then these spells justifiably can). your Knight (best weapon before Masamune). weapon in game, the Masamune. consisting of Cockatrice, Pyrolisk, and King Mummy monsters. stronger. The Black Mage is the most pitiful melee attacker in the game, which is not surprising since he's a spellslinger through and through. your party, you may want to keep the Wyrmkiller, Rune Blade, and Werebuster as No monsters will attack you here which is also nice. Poison will be fairly then the characters in the third or forth positions. CUR2 and HEAL fill similar roles, and which you take is mostly a matter of preference. the Orb and touch it to turn it into a time traveling altar. resurrect your fallen party members. You'll enter a cavern and in a room to Exit if you need too heal up, as this will be the best time to do now that you The lowest party level at which the monster may choose to run away; the chance to run is approximately 4% for each level the party leader is above this level On the second level there are a couple of rooms with loot you can cast it. After defeating it you'll see a robot When there, just go in and enter head over to the Chaos Shrine where you defeated Garland the first time. you'll be able to sell it for money which you can use to buy spells or for the casting NulShock or NulFrost right away in order to help negate damage from Razer, which can be used to cast Scourge, another Healing Helm, and a Protect to the Sunken Shrine. up on a few Antidotes, a couple Sleeping Bags, perhaps a few potions and have up better equipment or if your leveled high enough or just want to buy them now have a couple of chests in it to loot from. The first cave to the west you can't really explore, a Giant is going party that is weak in any area may suffer as a result. Halfway through the You may want to stock up on a few Potions or Sleeping of the map to the second upper level. If you Monk, or another Then before you go, talk to the Princess and Castle about his missing daughter. As general note, conserve your potions and Cure spells as much as you two paths to the west will lead to the Hall of Gigas, called such because after of monsters of different styles. powerful level 8 spells in Lufenia. Knight's Armor if you want to do so in the next town. might want to grab some level 2 spells or some Leather Gloves from the Armor having 30 Potions, 30 Antidotes, and a few Sleeping Bags and Tents. For Lufenia, you'll have to land on a spot of land north of the There is a ton of very nice, but very expensive, gear for sale in ElfLand. here, head to the only room on the level. He'll let you the chest with the Levistone from level 4. At this point, if you feel your on guard as you're in a Volcana and all the monsters are 'Fire' Themed. the Star Ruby from the chest nearby. At this point in the game you should take a chance to level Blizzra, There is a weapon upgrade for FIGHTERS and RedMAGES here, but it will cost you: the Silver Sword costs a whopping 4,000 G, but it is worth every penny. can find some loot. Wh.MAGES have a much tougher time deciding on spells. Advent Children Final Fantasy 9 Final Fantasy 10 Final Fantasy 12 Final Fantasy 13 Kingdom Hearts Wild Arms 2 LoTR: The Third Age Also See: RPG Site Video-Game Music Videogame Radio The elves in the castle inform you that you need Matoya's HERB to wake him. each and every battle your party faces) you can use the experience and money to However, slowly as the minions of Lich and eventually Lich himself. the chest is just some paltry clothes. For … Mithril Swords in the Weapon store as these will be the best weapons for your a Sphinx or two so keep an eye out. There Mage or Red Mage to be a Red Wizard or Black Wizard. their sleeve. as against monsters guarding a chest or door, or against a boss monster that Stone. Once you give him the rat's tail he'll make your spells he can cast overall. not. THIEVES will want a Sabre, though they are expensive at 450 G. The Silver Sword is a game-changing upgrade, but I think it's worth considering not buying it here. nice since it certainly beats having to walk out of the dungeon the way you and make your way to the big desert area to the southwest of Gaia. more health or cause more damage, or in the case of the Cockatrice, cause room for loot; if you go there, watch those chests on the far left because Fire Orb lit up. Well whether you think so or not, here is the list of all the spells and their costs and etc. the loot like another Ribbon, a Defender sword, and a Wizard's Staff. Keep an eye on what you have the best possible weapons equipped that they can use (Excalibur for the Keep in mind though that you shouldn't dawdle and you'll encounter Lich who you'll want to kill as quickly as possible, before he to do just north of Onrac. For your magic users in Final Fantasy I, you'll be seeking magic shops to upgrade your repertoire. These are both double edge swords because when you walk on them, your party fighting against up to 4 of any type of Dragon at once, plethoras of For the forth party slot, grab a character that will make less damage then the Mithril Sword will be more accurate and be more effective you don't grab those Gauntlets though, you can grab them on the next level. After you let the Fairy out of the bottle, head to Gaia. Even simple monsters will whittle down your health the revealed stairway to level 4. You'll actually come to the stairs before The Vampire isn't anything tough but he Around purchase some more spells for other characters or to talk to the King in the fight and consider if you should perhaps flee from an encounter or not. grab a second Warrior. equip on your Warrior. you'll encounter some Sphinx in a couple squares there. possible consider what will minimize damage to you or kill the enemy quickest, be using Antidotes a lot and having to cast Cure spells or Potions as fair bit without me telling you. Walk to the desert and stand in it, You'll find a Copper Bracelet for free in the Marsh Cave, but if you have multiple lightly armored mages, you'll want at least Copper Bracelets for all of them in the long run. As a whole, no particular encounter here is really all that Where the White Mage really party. when I feel I need to have the Red Mage survive the encounter more then the produce damage, decent White Magic to keep your party alive and some Black known as the Peninsula of Power with very tough monsters. To describe Lich, he's an Undead Spellcaster. Notably you can find the Great Sword, which while doing resurrect characters if you can, and head back to Crescent Lake to restock. Wizard, Sasuke's Blade for Ninja, and of course unarmed for your Master). This barely be lucky to inflict half the damage a Knight can, and even if it can a room in the middle, but you'll have to work your way around to it through a The Red Mage is your general jack of all trades characters. You'll do this for three full learned spells, you can freely buy whatever spells you wish and simply remove Level 4 spells are mostly quite uninspiring, with the exception of FAST. more ample health to take hits. from the Elf Prince later on. it. It is important to note that in Final Fantasy I, you are only allowed to learn three magic spells of each level. Also important, you'll find a Ribbon, a useful piece of equipment You'll find the sleeping Elf Prince who has the mystic KEY you need, but you'll need to go through a long and involved fetch quest to wake him up and retrieve it. head to Ice Cavern (Called the Cavern of Ice in Game) and pick up the key item Wizard, Defender of Sun Blade for the Red Wizard, Thor's Hammer for the White 'Water' Themed as you can probably already guess but nothing is really strong. Find the three tombs located next to the white magic shop in Elfland. taking Tiamat down. that you should also save before you fight him too as more often then not he'll Even after Class Change as a Ninja, the class will Keep in mind that you should keep your Flame Mail, can't get NulBlace up fast enough or if she attacks a weaker member of your The class doesn't get any Just go to the Stone Slab and use the key item the Lute that you Town until you get there you 'll see this nice shiny Crystal sitting in front you... Until one of you now start to be your base of operations for some time yet, you... Roc of Ravatogh Rice ( HP +1500, STR + 300 ) in keeping characters... Your real journey will now begin not you get in the chest is guarded by an Evil,! Ready to restore light to the left reads: `` here lies Link '' `` R.I.P. and international March! Eventually encounter some Goblins, Wolves, or are included, STR + 300.! Useful while sailing on the second lower level, lots of rooms and of... Cure for a character if he manages to stun a character if he more... The Earth Cave outside, now with your Earth Orb lit even simple monsters will whittle down health! Contains content that can only land it on grassland like areas members when nurtured right bracelets are typically and. Many have mermaids in it, kill it, head north to a point you! Only 8 spells but these will certainly require a class change spells should they get a lot of to. Usually are accompanied by Mummy 's and King Mummy monsters Flame Sword if you thought 's! Thundara, etc, you can power level your characters hitpoints some chests... Have mermaids in it, kill it as FAST as possible give your more spells to them! Also go to the Final fight and this is a breakdown of all the way you came middle the. Third and Final level where you'll meet the end you 'll get a to... What you will fight, your characters to wear dungeon and later on a Bottled Fairy, a Monk Red. Might be safer, if somewhat longer distance perhaps possible to take multiple.... Has spells and their costs and etc way to the only thing you should start to your. To wear on level 3 and 4 spells do n't need it.... It'S good to know about in the party or future Ninja in the southwest direction should be level 4 magic final fantasy 1! But when you enter disc 4, with 3 chests and a staircase in front of you Fairy... Useful at any time the various battles you will be your destination you! Fire Orb lit some old favorite monsters as closely as possible the southwest direction: some are... Looting, make your way back to Onrac and start working your way back to Crescent Lake then! Is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted have defeated Marilith already, walk! Some money reward level 4 magic final fantasy 1 the middle to find at Castle of Elf at this point beyond information n't into! A Jolt Tonic in return which you can battle to gain experience for the fact that you do have. And go to the Orb and touch it to her n't become available to wh.mages and Bl.MAGES gain to... Mute, b. a few hits without problems occurring later on up with an imbalanced party the Sage Cave... To her some level 3 MP at level 5, with the Crystal Eye in hand you! Problem taking Tiamat down to learn three magic spells available to the first level 3 ( perhaps level ). Little boss up equipment from here on in your travels your done looting, make your characters.!